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30603 John Deere Tractor Engine Block Heater Kit
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List Price: $65.53
Price: $58.70

30603 John Deere Tractor Engine Block Heater Kit

New Block heater

John Deere Models

3020,  4000,  4320,  4520,  4620,

4640,  531

4230,  4430,  4630,  6030,  6404,  6466,  6619,  7020,  7520

(6404,  6466,  6619 With smooth bore freeze plug hole)

  • 1000 Watts,  120 Volt.
  • 2" Diameter
  • Includes power cord.
  • Keeps diesel engine warm in cold temperatures.
  • Eliminates cold start engine damage.
  • Warm engines start with ease.
  • Reliable and efficient way to pre-heat your engine.
  • Installs in left side freeze plug hole at 12: position.

Download the installation instructions.

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